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Who we are?

In 2007 after researching peoples feedbacks we had the idea to go against the grain from cheap looking imitation plastic tile wall surrounds, plastic shower and tub cover overs. The technology used by the fitter class have marketed ease of cleaning, cost-effective, but in reality cost customers more since all the moisture trapped in by covering over the existing walls, tub or shower enclosures.

We decided create a company that gives people the option to do the job correctly one time. Replace plumbing with all new L copper PVC etc, install waterproof cement board so the tile will not come off the walls and create granite or marble shelves, step overs etc. People have options of aesthetics of natural stone, ceramic, granite, marble and unlimited amount of colors and design. So, with this goal in mind that by the end of 2007 Bathrooms by Design, Incorporated was born.

What we do?

We specialed in every phases of bath remodel. From design to finish. From traditional to contemporary style. From simple shower installations to complete bath remodel. Check all our services:

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